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Due to the on-going boom of real estate and general investments in Panama, Join Panama understands the importance of desiring to establish a residence in Panama.

The current migration laws of Panama allows for a diverse and ample spectrum of possibilities regarding the moving abroad as an investor. Panama migration laws has flexible approach to foreigners desiring to invest in Panama and give a series of tax incentives that makes the investment within the territory a most attractive venture.

Additionally, Panama offers a broad spectrum of labour migration options and incentives for executive personnel and their families moving from abroad to work in transnational companies. Panama has become one of the best and more welcoming countries for expats in Latin America.

Panama migration laws, will require you and your family to file your residency permits by means of a duly licentiate lawyer within the territory of Panama.

Through Join Panama or our partner services providers we can help you with all your immigration and expatriation relocation needs.

  1. Foreign are allowed all the same rights as nationals of the Republic of Panama.
  2. Foreign are allowed to buy and sale goods of any class, as long as those are not forbidden by law. They will have full ownership and title over said property.
  3. Foreign are allowed to buy and sale real state, and registered to their own name in the Public Registry of Panama for real state property. Buying a real state property is a way to acquire residency permit in Panama, as long as the property is worth more than US $300,000.00 or combined with another form of investment, shows the applicant have a minimum of US $300,000.00 as proof of self-economic solvency.
  4. Foreign with plans to stay in Panama are expected to acquire a migration status, via any of the diverse types of visa Panama has to offer. If they do not acquire a migration status they will be consider tourists, thus can only take residence in Panama for 3 months, after they will have to leave the country.
  5. “Tourists” are allowed to buy and sale property without restriction. But will not get a migration status unless complying with the requisites of minimum worth value of the property being bought.
  6. Foreign are allowed to work in Panama, as long as they have a valid work permit, issued by the Ministry of Labour. The solicitation of this permit has to file in a parallel process to the migration permit.
  7. Liberal professions as engineers, accountants, doctors, and lawyers, have certain limitations as they can only be practiced freely by nationals or foreign nationalized Panamanians. There is no bar exam for engineers
    Individuals having these professions are allowed to work under contract as specialized employees for companies. Making it possible to acquire a job in Panama, provided there is a company contracting them.

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