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In just a few decades Panama has transformed itself into a multi-cultural, cosmopolitan city and is fast becoming the new economic hub for the Latin America Region. It has been a continuous State Policy of Panama to attract foreign investment in order to allow Panama to become the destination of choice for thousand from around the world who aspire to make it their home.

Panama has experienced unprecedented development in recent years in areas of real estate, business and commerce and tourism. The real estate boom in Panama has ushered in an era of immense growth and progress. Even under today’s unpredictable economic climate in the world, Panama real estate sector has proved itself to be an investment opportunity par excellence.

Panama has a stable and competitive economy, though having its own currency “the Balboa”, which is on parity with the US Dollar since Panama´s independence in 1903, the US Dollar is of wide usage for almost all business transactions domestic or international.

Investing in Panama is a good venture, especially for investors who are targeted by the aggressive tax system of their country. Panama tax system is Territorial based, meaning Taxes in Panama are levied only to income or gains derived from business and activities carried on in Panama itself. This favourable tax system extends to real estate having 10 to 25 year property tax exemption under certain circumstances. For real estate investment there are a large number of banks who can provide loans and mortgages to real estate buyers.

Panama Real Estate offers a wide variety of options, whether you are retiring in Panama, or considering investing in Panama. Panama offers modern ocean front condos to old world charm with prices to suit almost every budget. Panama the country offers a diverse range of mountains, lakes, beachfront properties on two oceans, and untouched rainforest. There is a great variety to choose from in location types, as well as property types, from very affordable to luxury city living.

Whether you are looking to buy a retirement home in Panama or investing in the perfect vacation home or simply wish to take advantage of the growing real estate market, now is the time to do it.

Government incentive schemes have produced over 40 Decree –Laws, Executives Decrees and Laws offering investors special import, tax and operational advantages. These apply particularly to the tourism, maritime, real estate and mining sectors. Moreover strict Privacy Laws protecting banking, securities and corporate books information are in place for nationals and foreigners alike.

Whether you're considering retirement, development, law, or property acquisition, we encourage you to peruse our reports before making your next move.

The market has also benefited from tourism, which accounts for a significant portion of its service economy. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the number of tourists that visited Panama rose by 43% during the four years between 2006 and 2010. Moreover, the country expects to see more than 2.1 million tourists in 2012, compared to around 1.7 million in 2010.

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