Incorporating a Company

A Panama incorporated company is a versatile, fast and especially trustworthy vehicle to carry out, not only local, but also wide array offshore business activities.

Panama company incorporation legislation, dates back to 1927 and has not substantially been amended in its context and original spirit. Due to the existence of this profitable legislation, Panamanian corporations offer many advantages among which are the followings:
  1. A concise a distinction and separation of its shareholders as natural persons, from the judicial capacity of the company itself.
  2. The nonexistence of requirements regarding nationality and residence of the subscribers of the Articles of Incorporation, shareholders, directors and officers members of the Corporation.
  3. The absence of a minimum paid capital.
  4. If the corporation does not carry out business within the Republic of Panama, its domicile can be anywhere in the world. The corporate books may be kept in the place of domicile of the corporation.
  5. The possibility of issuing the totality of the capital stock in bearer shares.
  6. There is no requirement of annual meetings either by the Directors Board or the Shareholders as well, unless the Articles of Incorporation have established it in advance.
  7. A corporation can be a shareholder, director, officer or agent of other corporations and at the same time participate in other corporations or be its owner.
  8. When a corporation does not carry out business activities within the Republic of Panama, it has substantial tax benefits such as no obligation to present income tax declarations, nor to pay income tax, pay tax dividends, or to provide any information fiscal, administrative or legal, unless duly required to do so by the proper authorities.
  9. Small incorporation and annuity fee (US $300.00)

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